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Наиболее распространенный в мире английский сленг
(Essential World English Slang)

airhead stupid person
ace excellent, great
Adam and Eve Rhyming Slang for 'believe'
aggro short for aggravation or violence
amber fluid beer
anorak geek, nerd
apples and pears Rhyming Slang for 'stairs'
armpit dirty, unappealing place
arse / ass [неприлично] (1) backside
arse / ass (2) an unworthy person
arse about / arsing about to fool around
arse-about-face something that is in a mess or crooked
arseholed very drunk
arvo afternoon
Aussie Australian
awesome great and impressive
backhander (1) a payment given, normally in a secretive fashion
backhander (2) hit someone
ball (1) a fun time
ball [неприлично] (2) a testicle
ballistic to go mad with rage
bang [неприлично] (1) to make love
bang (2) a powerful effect
banged up to be put in prison
bangers another name for sausages
barbie barbecue, grill
barf (1) vomit
barmy a foolish person, mad
barney row, violent argument
beans money
beast [оскорбительно] an ugly woman
beat tired
beemer a BMW
bent (1) a 'gay man'
bent (2) 'stolen'
biggie something important
biker a motorcycle rider
bikkie biscuit
bimbo a young woman considered sexually attractive but of limited intelligence
bird woman/girl/girlfriend
bitch [оскорбительно] (1) a very unpleasant woman
bitch [оскорбительно] (2) complain
bitchy [неприлично] moody
bitzer bitzer : mongrel dog (bits of this and bits of that)
bladdered very drunk
blag a robbery
bloke man
blotto 'very drunk'
blue (1) XXX; dirty, hot, steamy, pornographic
blue (2) domestic fight or row
bluey pornographic film
boat race Rhyming Slang for 'face'
bod body
bonkers; go bonkers crazy
bonzer great
booboo a mistake
bovver trouble, usually fighting
booze alcohol
boozer (1) a pub
boozer (2) someone who likes alcohol
Brahms and Liszt Rhyming Slang for 'pissed' (drunk)
brass monkeys cold weather
bread money
brew (1) tea or coffee
brew (2) beer
brill short for 'brilliant'
bull bullshit; lie
bullshit [оскорбительно] lie; dishonesty
bugger a mild form of abuse or an exclamation
bunk-off to be absent without permission
bunk-up to make love
bushed extremely tired
butt the buttocks, bottom
cabbage someone who is a bit slow or stupid
cakehole mouth
catch some rays get some sunshine
char / cha tea
cheesy cheap; lacking in good taste
chicken coward
chook a chicken
chuck up vomit
chuck a sickie take the day off sick from work when you're perfectly healthy
ciggy slang for cigarette
cock and bull story a rubbish story, nonsense
(to) cop it to die, to get into trouble
cool excellent; superb
cooler, the gaol; jail; prison
couch potato a person who watches too much television
cozzie swimming costume
cranky in a bad mood, angry
crap [неприлично] (1) something worthless
crap [оскорбительно] (2) excrement
crap [неприлично] (3) falsehoods and lies
crikey an expression of astonishment
crust money / wage
cushy easy
dead cert something that is definite
deck to hit someone
dicey unpredictable; risky
dickhead [неприлично] an idiot, fool
dill an idiot
ding-dong argument or fight
dipstick idiot, fool
dirt extremely bad person
dirty оскорбительно; pornographic
div/divvy stupid or slow person
doodle something thats easy / no problem
dodgy dubious person or thing
dog [оскорбительно] an ugly girl
done over beaten up
dope a slow or stupid person
doobry a nonsensical word used when you forget the name of something
dorky strange; peculiar
dosh money
dosser down-and-out, tramp
down under Australia and New Zealand
Drongo a dope, stupid person
dude a male
dump [неприлично] to defecate
dyke [оскорбительно] lesbian
dynamite powerful; excellent
dinosaur something out of date or old fashioned
earbashing nagging, non-stop chatter
evil great; excellent
eyeball to stare long and hard at someone or something
eyepopper something or someone visibly astounding
fab fabulous
face-off confrontation
fag [оскорбительно] (1) homosexual
fag (2) cigarette
family jewels Rhyming Slang for testicles
far out splendid
fart [оскорбительно] (1) an escape of gas from the bowels
fart [неприлично] (2) an unpleasant person
fat head an idiot or dull person
fender-bender small accident
filth [оскорбительно] the police
fit sexually attractive
five finger discount shoplifting
flaky unpredictable
flashback sudden memory
flick (1) film; movie
flick (2) to give something or somebody the flick is to get rid of it or him/her
floating intoxicated
floozie a mistress or girlfriend
flommox confuse
flutter a bet (on horse racing or football)
footie Abbreviated form for football
for crying out loud! a expression of frustration or anger
forty winks a short sleep or nap
fox attractive, alluring person
freebie something that does not cost money
French kiss kissing with the tongue
full monty 'the whole lot', everything
full-on powerful, with maximum effort
funny farm mental hospital or institution
funny money counterfeit money
gaff house or flat
gander to look at
geek an unattractive person who works too hard
get it to understand something
glitch flaw
gobshite [оскорбительно] someone who talks rubbish all the time
go bananas go slightly mad
good onya good for you, well done
goof (1) make a mistake
goof (2) a silly and foolish person
goof off waste time
goof up make a mistake
goofy silly
Gordon Bennet an exclamation
grand one thousand dollars
grass marijuana
greaser slang name for a 1950's style man
grog alcohol, beer
grub food
grubby not clean
grungy unclean and stinky
gut a person's stomach; belly
guts courage
gyno gynaecologist
hacked off fed up, annoyed
hairy difficult; dangerous
ham-fisted clumsy
hammered drunk
handcuffs an engagement ring or wedding ring
hang a left make a left turn
hang a right make a right turn
headcase mad
hep sensible; informed
her ('er) indoors wife, girlfriend
hickey a love bite on the skin
hip sensible; informed
hole in the wall a cashpoint machine or bankomat
hoo-ha trouble; commotion
hooker prostitute
horny in the mood for sex, sexually stimulated;
hot (1) sexy
hot (2) popular
hottie hot water bottle
huff bad mood
humungous really big
hump (1) to have sex
hump (2) bad mood
hyper overly excited
icky unpleasant
ID identification
iffy dubious, doubtful
I'm outta here I'm leaving; I'm departing
in fashionable
ivories teeth
jack around waste time
jam (1) trouble
jam (2) improvise (musically)
jamming, to be going well
jammy lucky
jerk stupid or annoying person
jock someone good at sports
K a thousand
keep your hair on "keep calm"
kick back relax and enjoy
kick the bucket die
kip sleep
knackered exhausted
knees up party
knock condemn, criticise
knockout beautiful woman; handsome man
knock back refusal (noun), refuse (transitive verb)
kook peculiar person
kraut [неприлично] German
laid back relaxed; calm
lairy loud, brash
lame incompetent
legless very drunk
limp wristed a gay man
lip cheeky talk
loaded someone with a lot of money
loo toilet
loser a bungling and worthless person
lost the plot crazy/mad
love handles excess fat around the waist
luvverly jubberly wonderful, great, all is well
make waves cause problems
malarkey nonsense
mate friend
max, to the maximum
mega big
megabucks a large amount of money
mellow relaxed
mickey-mouse unimportant; time-wasting
minger [оскорбительно] an unattractive person (usually female)
mongrel despicable person
moonie [оскорбительно!] to show one's bottom (arse) to unsuspecting onlookers
moose [оскорбительно] an ugly girl
mozzie mosquito
mug a gullible person
naff something which is cheap and nasty
naff off a milder version off fu*k off
nancy (nancy boy) a homosexual
nark a police informer
narked to be annoyed
neat cool; great
nick to steal
nipper a small child
no-hoper somebody who'll never do well
nosh food
not cricket not normal or correct
not all there someone who is stupid, not bright intellectually
not half! cetainly, for sure
not the full quid someone who is stupid, not bright intellectually
nuke (1) nuclear weapon
nuke (2) destroy; delete
nuke (3) cook something in the microwave oven
nut (1) odd or crazy person
nut (2) someone passionate about something
nutter crazy person
nuts [неприлично] testicles
nutty eccentric
off your face to be very drunk
out of your tree crazy, drunk or stoned
pad someone's home
pants (1) an exclamation of frustration
pants (2) bad or rubbish
party celebrate
party animal someone that loves parties
paws hands
peanuts very little money
pee to urinate
pickled drunk
pig out eat too much
pigs ear to make a mistake with something
piss [неприлично] to urinate
pissed drunk
pissed (off) angry; upset
piss-head a habitual drinker or alcoholic
piss-up a big drinking session
plank an idiot
plastered drunk
plonker an idiot
pad someone's home
plonk (1) cheap wine
plonk (2) sit down, as in "plonk your arse down there"
poop [оскорбительно] defecation; shit
poop out get tired and quit
postie postman
pot marijuana
prezzy present, gift
pro someone who's good at something; professional
psycho crazy person
puke vomit
pumped (up) excited
queer [неприлично] a homosexual
rabbit talk
racket (1) noise
racket (2) an occupation
racket (3) something that's dishonest or deceptive
rat a despicable person
rat-arsed drunk
rear (end) buttocks
(a) riot something or someone very funny
rip off (1) stealing
rip off (2) fraud
ripper great, fantastic
rocking great; excellent
roll up a hand rolled cigarette
rosie lee tea
rubbish nonsense; not true
ruck a fight
rug wig, toupee
rug rat a child
rum odd, strange
runs, the diarrhoea
scoff to eat
screw up to make a mistake
screw-up a person who makes a mistake
scum (оскорбительно] a despicable individual
shades sunglasses
shag [неприлично] to make love
shagged-out to feel tired
shed-load a huge amount
shite milder variation of the word shit
shitfaced [неприлично] very drunk
shithead [неприлично] a stupid, impolite person
skint to have no money
skosh a little bit
slapper [оскорбительно] a loose or easy woman
smeghead an idiot
snog to kiss
snookered cheated, stuck
solid (1) really good; cool
solid (2) consecutive
specs eyeglasses
split to leave
spunk [оскорбительно] (1) semen
spunk (2) spirit
spunk (3) an attractive man
stoned drunk from drugs or alcohol
stunner a very good looking woman
street smart knowledgeable about city life
strewth exclamation
(I'll be) stuffed expression of surprise
suck to be bad and unacceptable
sunnies sunglasses
swagman tramp
sweet excellent, cool
ta thanks
tacky something of poor taste or style
tanked (up) to get very drunk
tea leaf Rhyming Slang for thief
telly television
thick as shit [оскорбительно] very stupid
thick as two short planks [оскорбительно] very stupid
thingo Wadjamacallit, thingummy, whatsit, something you don't know the name of!
thou thousand
threads clothing
ticker (1) the heart
ticker (2) a watch
tiddly slightly drunk
toss-pot [неприлично] idiot
totally really; completely
to the max maximum
troll an ugly girl
(the) trots diarrhoea
trouble and strife Rhyming Slang for 'wife'
trout [оскорбительно] unattractive woman
turkey (1) failure; flop
turkey (2) dumb person
turn-off something that repulses a person
umpteen many; countless
up for it to be willing to have a good time
up the duff to be pregnant
Uncle Tom Cobley and all a phrase meaning 'everyone'
uptight nervous; anxious
veg out relax in front of the TV (like a vegetable)
wad a lot of money
wanker an idiot or an unpleasant person
wasted killed
weed (1) marijuana
weed (2) someone who is weak
wheels car; motorcycle
whiz someone who shows a special talent for something
wicked excellent, cool
wimp weak; feeble
wimpy weak
wind up to tease
winks sleep
wuss coward
x-rated pornographic
yabber talk (a lot)
Yank an American
yob a horrible or uncouth young man
zeds sleep
zero an unimportant person
zilch nothing
zip (1) nothing
zip (2) energy; vigor
zip it shut up
zit pimple; acne



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