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Английские разговорные фразы
с русскими эквивалентами
и примерами употребления

Прочитайте представленные английские разговорные словосочетания и выражения и их русские эквиваленты, переведите приведенные примеры с английского языка на русский язык.

an all-rounder всесторонне одарённый человек
He sees himself as an all-rounder who fulfils both tasks to the highest standard.
Sir Walter proved an accomplished all-rounder at everything except painting.
A player who excels in both batting and bowling is known as an all-rounder.
(бить и подавать мяч в бейсболе)
an armchair traveler любитель читать (смотреть передачи) про путешествия
Whether you're looking for a gift for an armchair traveler or a frequent flier, you can't go wrong with a book.
Whether you are an armchair traveler or have actually had the unforgettable experience of visiting Africa, its rich cultural history and natural beauty will always be with you.
at your service к вашим услугам
Expect five-star service with an incredibly attentive wait staff at your service.
We, as you well know, are at your service.
a backbreaking очень тяжелая работа
Tiling a patio can be a backbreaking job, although the results will be spectacular.
Still, the morning air is mild enough to get it done, and the work isn't backbreaking.
They work backbreaking day jobs and play in Cuban dance clubs at night.
a bad apple in the basket паршивая овца в стаде
Why should one bad apple spoil the whole barrel, to use another cliche.
Republicans seem capable of removing a bad apple from the bunch.
to be caught in the act быть пойманным с поличным
Here's the latest round of scammers whose deceptions were caught in the act.
Even when these officials are caught in the actthe government is not punishing them.
Thomas Mallon was a college student when the Watergate burglars got caught in the act.
to be home and dry быть целым и невредимым, в безопасности; достигший своей цели
Halfway down the side of this field you need to go right through the gate, then you're home and dry.
Even those who avoided the introduction of higher fees are far from home and dry.
If just two votes had gone the other way she would have been home and dry.
to be in the doghouse попасть в немилость
Everybody finds themselves in the doghouse at one time or another in their career.
According to a survey, men will spend more than twice as much as women on their sweethearts.
Guys seem to spend handsomely mainly to avoid being in the doghouse with their partner.
Insubordinate athletes are often in the doghouse with their coaches.
to be on the house оплачиваться за счет заведения (о еде, напитках)
"Here," said the waiter, "have a cup of coffee on the house.
" I went to a restaurant last night.
I was the ten thousandth customer, so my dinner was on the house.
to be on the same wavelength быть на одной волне (понимать друг друга)
The best part is knowing that I'm on the same wavelength with a lot of people.
It's important to talk with people so that everyone is on the same wavelength.
We haven't really been working on the same wavelength for the past couple of months.
to be out of earshot вне слышимости (на достаточном расстоянии)
The boss was only waiting to get out of earshot of HR to show his true appreciation.
Try to move the noisy washing machine out of earshot.
Reporters were kept out of earshot of the highly anticipated meeting.
to be running low (on) заканчиваться, иссякать
Short of ideas and running low on cash, Republicans are in need of new leaders.
It's a handy last-minute gift option, especially if you're running low on cash.
They were running low on fuel because of the time spent looking for the enemy.
a bench warmer запасной игрок
bench warmer in the third division football league probably earns more than that.
At best he is only going to be a bench warmer if he joins another club.
Almost $10 million is too much to pay a bench warmer.
beyond a shadow of doubt без тени сомнения
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the list below proves that statement to be true.
In a world run by mere mortals, there is no such thing as knowing facts beyond a shadow of a doubt.
They proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are equipped to play in terrible weather.
a big fish = a big shot важная шишка
I would sooner be a big fish in a little pond, than a little fish in a big one.
Alston is a big fish in the rather small pond of British modern dance.
He's happily retired from politics now, a senior statesman, a big-shot investor.
And he got the dirt cheap money in the first place because his Dad was a big shot.

to catch up on old times тряхнуть стариной
We talked, laughed and caught up on old times, and I truly felt like someone was interested in me.
The couple will be more relaxed and comfortable chatting with friends and catching up on old times than they will be on the day of the wedding.
a cooked-up story состряпанная история
The story was cooked up by Steve Martin.
It turned out that she had cooked up the story.
to cut a deal with somebody договориться с кем-либо (уладить разногласия)
Jerry Brown just cut a deal with the union, which supported his candidacy.
Mercado cut a deal with the government on the eve of the presidential election.
To achieve his goal peacefully, Mugabe may still have to cut a deal with his rival.
to do something in double-quick time сделать что-то в два счёта
I sincerely hope Murray wins this in double quick time.
Smart public relations matter more than ever in the Twitter age, when crises can blow up and reputations can get trashed in double-quick time.
Don’t get onto the bandwagon.
Не стоит следовать принципу «куда все, туда и я».
For sure, some companies stumble when they blindly jump onto the iPad bandwagon.
Others may have jumped onto the bandwagon when stocks were going up and now regret it.
Because of my reputation, I believe that I could have jumped onto the global warming bandwagon.
Don’t pull a fast one on me.
He пытайся меня одурачить.
Can this be true, or is my husband trying to pull a fast one on me? When people know they are trying to pull a fast one on them and show it, it's a lot more difficult to sell them rubbish.
Don’t spring a surprise.
Не делай ничего неожиданного.
With their young and promising drivers, they just might spring a surprise this season.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden's great enigma, could yet spring a surprise on England in Euro 2012.
In a year of such uncertainty, there is always a possibility that Mr Chirac might spring a surprise.
a fender-bender car accident небольшая автомобильная авария
Anne has a clean driving record with scarcely even a fender bender to her name.
A parking lot fender-bender smashed out a turn signal in my daughter's car.
Everyone who's had a fender bender knows the cost of repairs is going up.
for once хоть раз
For once, Mexicans can look northward with a sense of sympathy rather than envy.
For once, she does not have to care what they think, because she has nice shoes.
to get fresh with someone вести себя с слишком вольно (нагло)
Don't get fresh with me, young man.
Did he ever get fresh with you?
to get mugged быть ограбленным
This year, while out walking, Mary was mugged by thieves who took her groceries.
Towns should borrow to pay for street lights so people don't get mugged or worse.
In 1989 I was mugged, beaten and stabbed by a group of boys, who left me for dead.
to give it a go постараться (что-то сделать)
It's always possible he will feel better on game day and decide to give it a go.
I would say to anyone who hasn't tried skiing or snowboarding, just give it a go.
I'm leaving now because an opportunity has come up and I want to give it a go.
to have pipe dreams иметь несбыточные мечты
My co-worker finally gave up her pipe dreams and wants to return to her hometown.
From the perspective of 11 years ago, these scenarios seemed pure pipe dreams.
She asked if I had any pipe dreams, which was an interesting question.
he has got deep pockets он денежный мешок
With Google's deep pockets, it could surely get the deal signed if it wanted to.
Intel was able to recover quickly from its missteps because it has deep pockets.
These investments are for VERY experienced investors, with VERY deep pockets.
Не is driving in the fast lane.
= Не is living on the edge.
Он ведет рискованную жизнь.
He has a reputation for enjoying life in the fast lane.
Some of you need to get out to Africa and see what living on the edge is really like.
There are 11 countries currently living on the edge of success or failure.
Не is poker-faced.
У него непроницаемое, каменное лицо.
On a cool, rainy day, a young, poker-faced hostess asked if we wanted to sit outside.
His poker-faced observations about what went on, both on and off the field, are priceless.
It's a rare view of the usually poker-faced Robertson.
I don’t see eye to eye with him.
Мы с ним смотрим на многое по- разному (не находим общего языка).
We didn't always see eye-to-eye and we had words but now I'm older I understand.
When it comes to combating AIDS, doctors and clergy don't always see eye to eye.
We didn't see eye to eye, but at least he was giving people a chance to talk.
I ran hell for leather.
Я несся во всю прыть.
But it has hardly confirmed the notion that Iran is racing hell for leather to build nuclear weapons.
Mike wasn't going hell for leather and through sensible driving had time to avoid a potentially serious road traffic accident.
In the series'opening scene, the hero is riding hell-for-leather on a dirt bike to deliver a vaccine to a remote Nigerian village.
I would rather not (do something) = I'd rather not мне бы не хотелось (делать что-то)
Apartment owners are banking on the fact that most people would rather not move.
would rather switch to satellite and NOT pay the cable.
Much less visible are the headaches that Beijing would rather not have exposed.
if your hunch turns out to be right если интуиция тебя не обманывает
We had a hunch we weren't the only ones who liked to sit around and brainstorm solutions for hard problems, and it turns out we were right.
It turns out, his hunch was right.
It goes over my head.
Это выше моего понимания.
It goes right over my stupid head.
As for your statistics, I'm baffled that it goes over your head that you're proving my point.
It really took a load off.
Как гора с плеч!
I was happy to leave school at 14 and study on set, because it took a load of work off my shoulders.
We got smiling a little bit and that took a load off our shoulders.
It’s easy on the pocket.
Это не сильно ударит по карману.
Scotland's capital can be easy or hard on the pocket, depending on where you live.
Maybe it is hard on the pocket, but it is certainly easy on the eye.
We're talking pubs, sandwich shops, pizzeria, cafes, lunchtime and early bird restaurant deals, that kind of casual, easy-on-the-pocket eating.
it seems to be on the cards это весьма вероятно
If you think a new career might be on the cards, there are simple steps to take.
The merger has been on the cards since the election of the coalition government.
So we have negative real interest rates on the cards for the next several years.
Keep things to yourself.
Не болтай об этом.
Though you like to note how things might be improved, keep it to yourself.
Instead, keep things to yourself for now.
Let’s start afresh.
Давай начнем всё с чистого листа.
When everyone’s tensions all round have calmed down and we can start afresh with it.
They could start afresh with new budgets and better opportunities for trade.
In earlier times, a new kid entering a new school might have a chance to start afresh.
loads of something уйма чего-либо
She had a really great time, learned loads of French and was sorry to come home.
Not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars and loads of unwanted publicity.
Yeah, he's got a ton of talent, but there's loads of kids with talent out there.
to make up for lost time наверстать упущенное время
She has been holding classes every Saturday to make up for the lost time.
Last year was my first year back, and I couldn't wait to make up for lost time.
Samsung's entry into the market represents a chance to make up for lost ground.
to place more value on something больше ценить что-либо
As trust in brands is eroded, people will place more value on recommendations from friends.
In my experience, no people place more value on independence of thought and action than Australians.
Research has shown that women are excellent mediators, great networkers, and they place more value on building relationships than do men.
seed money стартовый капитал
The company just raised some seed money from a very impressive list of investors.
He returned Down Under in November to see his family and make some seed money.
Launched in 2008, Mo'Minis raised $400,000 in seed money from private investors.
You have been taken for a ride.
Тебя одурачили (прокатили).
At the hair salon, several of the ladies insisted on being taken for a ride.
It seemed to both sides as if they were being taken for a ride by the other.
The British people have been taken for a ride for far to long.


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