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Graphology – Science or Fiction?
(Графология: наука или вымысел?)

Graphology (графология, изучение почерка (учение о почерке, исследование его с точки зрения отражающихся в нем свойств и психических состояний пишущего. Тесты по графологии часто применяются при отборе персонала)) is a branch of a diverse group of sciences of «character reading». Since ancient times, man has been intrigued by human variability and uniqueness of the individual. Graphology in particular focuses on interpreting individual's character and personality traits by analyzing their handwriting. Using graphology to analyze personality and character is one thing; changing ones behavior by changing handwriting is another – this is referred to as graphotherapy.

Graphology is a now becoming a more widely accepted science. As most of you will agree that the human subconscious manifests itself one way or another, art, music etc. Graphology interprets this manifestation, using the most commonly used human subconscious-world interface, handwriting! Here is my first example, where this can be used. Long final strokes say a lot about individuals. We can use graphology to understand what one is conveying through long strokes? The long final strokes show how cautious one is. Using graphology we know that the writer is inclined to be cautious and careful. This reduces the tendency to be impulsive and minimizes risk in decision making.

Another example where we can use graphology to tap into one's subconscious (подсознательное). I am sure you have seen this somewhere, a consistent left ward slant. Do you know this person? Is this you? Using graphology, we know that writing with a leftward slant is a sign of an introvert. The writer rarely expresses feeling and makes logical unemotionally decisions. Would you have known that if it were not for graphology?

Trusting or not-trusting? Graphology differentiates one from another. Long narrow loops in y's and g's. The size of the loop (not the down stroke) reveals the amount of trust and imagination as it relates to people. Graphology tells us that the narrow loop reveals some trust, but these people are selective in who they let in their inner circle. Who does graphology tell us to be careful of? Using graphology I can tell you that the person with a hot temper is one where the t-bar crossed predominantly on the right of the stem. The more this is to the right the easier it will be to annoy this person. If this is combined with a rightward slant, they will lose temper even quicker.

So in summary graphology can be used to determine a complete personality and character profile of any individual. Besides the examples given above graphology can be also be used to determine aggressiveness, analytical thinking, attention to detail, curious, dual personality, emotionally responsive, extravagant, jealous, loyalty, perfectionist, controlling, stubborn nature among others. If the art of graphology is learned efficiently one can use it to their advantage and help them understand their friends, partners and family in-depth.


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