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Тема 17. Список прав человека
List of Human Rights

1. Прочитайте и переведите текст, составьте аннотацию, подготовьте устное сообщение.

List of Human Rights

As a member of the human race, have you ever thought about the list of human rights you are entitled to, by birth? The following article will cover some of UN list of human rights and bring you face to face with rights that bring equality among one and all.

It is my right to vote. We are all aware of this one statement that comes up often during an election. And this statement Right to Vote is rather synonymous with elections. There are many who are aware of the right of 'choose not to vote' and those who are not aware, choose to remain ignorant. Anyway, the point here is, there are many rights conferred to an individual from the minute one is conceived in the mother's womb. They are called human rights, trampled upon every now and then, around the world. If you are wondering what are the human rights of a fetus, well, it simply is the right to be born and live freely! Until and unless someone steps on to our freedom, binding us with unwanted issues, we never ever think about human rights. In this article, we shall discuss some of the basic list of human rights.

What is the List of Human Rights

As an individual, living in free countries like US, UK, Australia, the real meaning of human rights is taken for granted. Why? We live in free countries and are allowed to speak as we wish, do as we please, and live as we like. Thus, we never actually understand what it is to feel our human rights begin violated. There are yet many countries where the basic right to education, to speak, to express oneself, or for a woman or girl to walk around the market, without a male blood relative as a chaperon, are constantly violated. Even in our, so called free, countries where one has the freedom of choice, there are many human rights violated at every step. Racism, sexual discrimination, religious discrimination, child labor, female infanticide, are just a few of these violated human rights.

A right is said to be a moral principle that defines and sanctions a person's freedom of action in a social setup. Life is a process that requires one to carry out self sustenance and fulfill the needs of one's own life. A right is an expression of liberty and freedom from all kinds of physical, mental compulsions, coercions and interference by other people. A human right is held by each person, without being infringed upon by others for their selfish needs. Before we move on the list of human rights, let us first discuss the list of human rights violations.

Human Rights Violations

Before we celebrate human rights day, we should first give a thought to the innumerable violations carried out against the same. It is very common fact for us that each person is entitled to basic human rights under any kind of circumstances. Most of these human rights include civil rights and political rights. However, one tends to forget the most fundamental human rights to life and safety. These human rights include justice, tolerance, mutual respect and above all human dignity. Human rights protection is a testimonial that ensures each person receives some degree of humane treatment, as well as the dignity of being human. However, there are millions around the world, whose fundamental rights are denied, and are treated as something less than human. They are robbed off their dignity and respect of begin a part of the human race. This interference with a person's right is called human right's violation. There are many kinds, types and degrees of human rights violations. Let us see some in the list of human rights violations in the following paragraphs.

Human rights violations includes death of innocent people due to war. A war brings suffering and devastation, irrespective of the cause. The fundamental rights of an individual is assaulted during a war. Torture, capture, prisoners of war, slavery, etc. are all types of human rights violations due to war. Genocide is one of the biggest human rights violations. Genocides can occur due to racial enmity, religious wars, or singling out an ethnic group.

Starvation, lack of medical help, lack of food, torture, human trafficking under the hands of political lords, etc, all come under human rights violations. When the freedom to speak, express, write, move around one's own country or city are curbed and put under restriction, it results in human rights violations. Laws that do not allow intra-racial marriages, inter caste marriages, same-sex marriages also form violation of human rights. One cannot take away the right to love whosoever the heart desires from an individual. There are still many human rights violations that involve racism and skin color. Individual's are still singled out based on their skin color, ethnicity and nationality.

On a more recognizable ground, human rights violations also include employment discrimination, banning the rights of an individual to wear what they please, tapping of phone calls, discrimination based on disability, etc. In some countries, women are not allowed to be born! Yes, female infanticide is still rampant in countries like India, and its neighboring Asian regions. There are many countries where women are not allowed a right to education, freedom to choose the man they want to marry, and are kept as slaves than wives, mothers or sisters.

One of the greatest human rights violations is the crime against women. There is no bigger human rights violations other than rape. Women, girls, are raped and sexually tortured all around the world. Women are forced into prostitution and sexual slavery, during war and even during peace. There are many forced pregnancies and forced abortions carried out on women. Sexual mutilation and sexual humiliations are human rights violations that many women young and old have to face. And this is not just seen in barbaric, under developed, war ridden or male dominated societies around the world. Rape and sexual exploitation of women is also common in the so called developed and civilized countries we live in. I am sure many women will agree there is rampant sexual harassment faced by them in their jobs, while traveling and even made passes at, by those they think are their confidants.

Child abuse is another form of human rights violation, where children are forced and violated physically, mentally as well as sexually. Child labor is a human rights violation that takes away the freedom of being a child from a child. There is nothing more sinful than taking away or denying the right to education from a child. Workers toiling under harsh conditions and not begin paid their fair remuneration. Low wages, poor working conditions and in humane treatment melted out are also some of the human rights violations.

A new form of human rights violation is facing the world. Terrorism is carried out in the name of religion, just cause or a way to throw away an oppressor. There is no justifiable cause that can support and promote killing of innocent people and destruction of hard-earned property and economy. This was a small list of human rights violations. Let us not move on to UN list of human rights laws.

UN List of Human Rights Laws

After the end of World War II, United Nations (UN), a world-wide organizations came into existence on 24 October 1945. This organization was created by 5 nations; United Kingdom, United States of America, the Soviet Union, France and China. These nations roped in other 47 nations around the world to safeguard the human rights of future generations from war. Over the years more nations joined and today there are more than 191 nations a part of United Nations.

The UN proposed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (всеобщая декларация прав человека). There was a committee formed headed by Mrs. Elanor Roosevelt, who drafted a document that 'declared' the rights for every individual in the entire cosmos. This declaration became a necessity after the World War II and the Nazi Germany's atrocities towards Jews came into light. There probably cannot be any human rights violation that can be compared to the large-scale torture and genocide of Jews under the hands of Nazis. The following is the preamble of Universal Declaration of Human Rights followed by the UN list of human rights laws



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