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Тема 11. Социальная работа и другие профессии
Social Work: Working with Other Professions

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Working with Other Professions

Social work works closely with other professional disciplines, including the various nursing specialisms, teaching, occupational therapy and other health professions, psychology, counselling, medical consultants and general practitioners, early years workers, police, youth justice and offender services.

Multi-disciplinary teams have increased in number and variety in children’s and adults’ services, as a means of giving people access to a range of expertise, improving coordination and making best use of scarce professional skills. Social work is good at building bridges with other disciplines and agencies, and helping overcome some of the barriers and gaps between different professions which can create difficulties for people with multiple or complex conditions using several services. It is sometimes necessary to be flexible about boundaries so as to avoid people being referred unnecessarily from one source of help to another, and having to give the same information to different workers. Social work has a tradition of not sticking rigidly to professional or agency boundaries where greater flexibility serves people’s best interests.

Social work should be clear and confident about the expertise it has developed, the distinctive contribution it makes and the features of its work particularly valued by people who use its services. It also has a responsibility to feed its knowledge, values and approaches into the work of joint teams to inform their culture and widen their frame of reference. Professionals working together in multi-disciplinary settings, in children’s centres or community mental health teams, for instance, are likely to become familiar with one another’s areas of expertise, and able to apply a common core of knowledge, whilst recognising when a particular professional’s skills are required. Social workers who are outposted still need access to good professional supervision, learning and development opportunities, up-to-date knowledge support and links to relevant policy and practice developments.


Тексты на английском языке
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