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Тема 6. Знания, ценности и навыки в социальной работе
Knowledge, Values and Skills in Social Work

1. Прочитайте и переведите текст.

Knowledge, Values and Skills in Social Work

Initial social work education and training should equip people with the distinctive combination of knowledge, values and skills, drawn from a range of academic disciplines and practice learning, they require for beginning practice. These include:

- respect for the equality, worth and human rights of all people, and for their individuality, privacy and dignity;

- understanding of, and commitment to, the rights of the child;

- commitment to putting into practice equalities and diversity principles, recognizing and dismantling barriers, and challenging discrimination against people using services, careers, families and fellow-workers;

- skills in assessing, jointly with people and families, their circumstances, strengths, needs and preferred outcomes;

- understanding of individual, family and community dynamics;

- skills and knowledge to deal with hostile and aggressive responses to social work intervention, without putting their own safety at risk;

- knowledge of the frameworks of law, policy and regulation affecting social work practice;

- skills, knowledge and judgment required to recognize and evaluate levels of risk to children and adults, assess possible measures to reduce and manage the risks, and take appropriate action;

- skills in enabling people to exercise choice, be involved in decisions affecting them, and use resources to secure the outcomes they want;

- skills in communication, particularly with and on behalf of children and adults with limited ability to convey their own views and wishes;

- skills in negotiating and coordinating services provided by networks of social care staff and family careers.

2. Выучите следующие слова, найдите транскрипцию в словаре.

1. equip with – обеспечивать/экипировать чем-либо.
2. draw from – вытаскивать.
3. dignity – достоинство.
4. commitment – обязательство.
5. diversity – разнообразие.
6. dismantling – демонтаж.
7. discrimination – дискриминация, нарушение чьих-либо прав.
8. prefer – предпочитать.
9. dynamics – динамика, развитие.
10. deal with – иметь дело с чем/кем-либо.
11. response – ответ, отвечать.
12. evaluate – оценивать.
13. measure – мера.
14. be involved in – быть вовлеченным во что-либо.
15. convey – сопровождать, защищать, отстаивать.

3. Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What should the initial social work education and training equip people with?
2. What are the main spheres of educational interests of social workers?
3. Can you characterize some of these spheres?
4. Why are these spheres so important for social work?
5. Would you like to add some points into your course of study?


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