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Предложения по экономике для перевода с английского

Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык:

Supply and demand have not traditionally affected the price of higher education. That's because supply largely remained unchanged, while demand was ever-rising.




The combination of stronger demand and limited supply is pushing up home prices. That could encourage more sellers to put their homes on the market because they can expect a better price.




Energy consumption had been rapidly increasing as the country's economy expands. More stable and sufficient energy supplies will be required in the coming years.




Low interest rates and strong consumer demand are boosting domestic consumption. As a result, economists expect Malaysia's gross domestic product to expand.




China is consuming natural resources too fast. Its rate of consumption is already disproportionately large relative to its GDP. This will push resource prices up and thus hinder its growth.




At the current economic growth rate, China’s energy consumption will increase by 40 percent by 2020. That growth in consumption alone equals the total consumption of Japan and Canada in 2009.




Communism is the public ownership and public control of the means of production.



The state laws also allow Detroit to levy a higher income tax than other cities. It generated $245 million last year.



He was eventually convicted of income-tax evasion and spent 16 months in prison.



I reject increasing the state income tax or state sales tax for several reasons.



In addition, raising income tax would have a negative effect on economic growth.



A limited liability company is a for-profit legal entity that behaves similarly to a corporation.



In addition, the other tax levied on fuel, VAT, is charged at the standard rate. So as the price of fuel rises, the amount of VAT charged also rises.




We want to make sure our retail customers make money. Over the last two years, we've worked to improve customer economics. We've lowered some wholesale prices and introduced new products at lower prices. Also, there's a volume incentive plan. Through growth in sales, the retailer can receive additional funds.





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